BOOT-strap an Engineering Team in under 6 months to hit your next product delivery

🙋🏻‍♂️ Who is it for?

Venture back early-stage founder with an MVP who has found market fit and looking to build the next stage of the product.


You have identified a clear need and know what needs to get built, but now how you build is the question. You have options for hiring an internal team, working with freelancers, or working with an outsourcing agency.

Hiring early is too risky and adds a payroll burden, and working with freelancers can be difficult due to quality control and juggling multiple tasks. Working with a software development agency is expensive, and you also leave behind the knowledge asset that you build over time with the agency

Good hires take time. Bad hires cost time.

😄 How does it work?

We, the BOOT-strap team, work as your partner in recruiting engineers, understanding your product spec, and bootstrapping the team to deliver your milestones. Within the first 6 months - we will transfer the operational control to you, and in the 18th month, the whole team will be transferred to you.

Build Recruit
  • Recruit vetted engineers with in 4 weeks notice
  • Build the engineering practices - stand ups, retros, product specs
  • Assist your tech lead / CTO in regards to technical frameworks
Own Manage HR & Admin
  • BOOTstrap will employ the team for a period of 18 months.
  • The personnel will be leased to our clients to act as delegated employees of their own.
  • BOOTstrap will manage obligations (devices, internet, statuary payments and compliance)
Operate We co-own delivery
  • BOOT-strap will work alongside your tech lead / CTO to co-deliver
  • Performance monitoring/appraisal for all personnel
  • BOOT-strap provide expertise and knowledge to ensure process is managed properly
Transfer You own a fully functional team
  • After 18 months, you have an option of transferring the team to your team
  • Retain the knowledge and know how of the team on long term
  • BOOT-strap will facilitate the team to transfer

💰 What is the pricing?

$5k per engineer for the first 6 months.

Subsequently, we discount 40% per engineer when the integration period for that engineer is complete.


  • 2 man engineering team (2 front-end team) = $10K/ mo → After 6 months → $6K/ mo
  • 3 man engineering team (2 front end + 1 backend) = $15K/ mo → After 6 months → $9K/ mo
  • 5 man engineering team (3 front end + 2 backend) = $25K/ mo → After 6 months → $15K/ mo

Next steps

Please fill the waitlist form and we will get back in 24 hours on whether we think it’s a good fit →

About Us

We are startup folks like you!



Dulitha built a product for US Market that helped 50,000 authors write best-selling books on Amazon. He co-founded CabbageApps, which is a 30-man engineering studio that has worked with publicly listed companies in Sweden, Sequoia-backed Series A startup, and one of the largest fin-tech providers in South Asia. He currently lives as a digital nomad integrating into different esoteric cultures every quarter.



Ruban has previously bootstrapped a SAAS product (ClickConnector.com) that is trusted by leading brands with over 5.5 Million sales conversions. He also co-founded CabbageApps, which has helped to bridge the talent requirements with the right talent pool across multiple regions.


What’s different between BOOT-strap and outsourcing?

BOOT-strap differs from outsourcing, as you can consider the product team members working with you as your own employees. You are able to long term retain their skills and knowledge as you’d be acquiring them at the end of the BOOT-strap program of 18 months.

When you outsource to an agency completely, knowledge and skills are harder to retain. BOOT-strap is an accelerated way to build a team with a partner that shares the same vision and goal, and you can retain the knowledge and skill set of the team during the whole process.

How does BOOT-strapping compare against hiring, working with freelancers, and working with consultancy agencies?


  • Hiring takes time
  • Hiring early is too risky and adds a payroll burden
  • You need expert advice on initial product building
  • Engineering team integration takes time

Working with Freelancers

  • Finding a good freelancer is a miracle
  • Quality Control is next to impossible
  • Freelancers are slower as they juggle
  • Dependency on a single person

Working with a software development agency

  • You build Knowledge Assets that you never retain
  • Expensive
How does the team operate if they are in different time zones?

Our Engineers are primarily based in Sri Lanka. We are flexible in our working hours and aim to work at least 4 hours in sync with your timezone. Think of it like there is a team working while you are sleeping 🙂


New York - (9am - 10 am)

Singapore - (11 am - 6 pm)

Sydney - (2 pm - 6 pm)

Stockholm - (9 am - 3 pm)

London - (9 am - 2 pm)

Paris - (9 am - 3 pm)

How do you guarantee the quality of engineers?

Our screening process is a comprehensive evaluation of language, communication, personality, technical knowledge, problem-solving, and creativity that takes between 2-5 weeks to complete. It includes language and personality assessments, in-depth skill reviews, live screening, test projects, and continued excellence.

What if I want to acquire the team before 18 months?

Not a problem. We can accommodate this request as below.

For example, if you want to acquire a team of 2 in the 12th month

You pay 6 months of the engagement fee (18 months - 12 months)

6 x 3K x 2 = 36K

You’ll pay 36K, and we will initiate the process of transferring the team.

How fast can I BOOT-strap?

Once you have 1st call with us, we will match you with your team in under 7 days.

What type of devs can I get on my team?

At the moment, we are providing

  • Front-end Developers (React / Angular)
  • Backend Developers - Node / Springboot
  • Full-stack Javascript Developers
  • Mobile Developers (Flutter, Android, iOS).

In the future, we hope to add more streams.

Where is the team located?

The team is primarily located in Sri Lanka (GMT +5:30)

What additional costs and headaches am I saving myself from BOOT-strapping?
  • No need to manage rent
  • No need to buy hardware
  • No need to manage failing hardware
  • No need to manage HR compliance
  • Reduce your paperwork (paperwork)

How does the transferring of the team actually work?